margarida reis pereira

Exquisito - emerging artistic creation festival

As part of Exquisito's art festival, I was invited to create six images under their theme after the absolute certainties.


This is journey on different stages of doubt. From the unconscious, to the uncertain, and the transformation ...
Images, which describe disparate moments of individual search and spatial questioning. Representations that are part of a thinking process. 

Space and time of iteration, deformation, uncertainty, ambiguity, imbalance and decomposition.
Iteration, associated to the repetition of ourselves, and what surrounds us. Deformation, by the accommodation to different forms. Uncertainty, by exploring what is unknown to us, and by the commitment to a certain choice. Ambiguity, by the necessary starting point, for all or nothing. Imbalance, so that the discomfort allows to go further. And decomposition, as a result of a change of state.

The absence of references and definitions frees us from preconceived ideas. It allows deconstruction, essential for the discovery of the world and ourselves.